Thursday, November 29, 2007

Now As Seen on TV :)

I got a message yesterday from my dear friend Baccara. She wanted to tell me that my piano had been featured on TV, in a CBS story about Second Life! She said I was a "star" now :) Well, Baccara is very sweet, but sometimes she is incredibly silly. This is an absolutely amazing piece about her, and about how SL can help those with disabilities. Baccara is an incredible woman, and has been an inspiration to me, and to so many others in Second Life. Her passion for SL, and her creativity and generous spirit, can teach us all a few things. I encourage you to watch this piece. I believe this may be the best media coverage SL has ever had, and it's all that much more exciting to see a friend featured. Oh and yes, if you watch until the very end you will see Baccara playing a custom piano I made for her and Mash. :)

Congratulations Baccara!

Watch it here!

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