Monday, October 22, 2007

Musical Alchemy Piano on Book Cover!

My brother called me from Barnes and Nobel yesterday. He was looking at the new books section and found a book on SL called the Unofficial Tourists' Guide to Second Life. He offered to buy it for me, but I didn't really want it ....

Then he said, "Hey, there is somebody playing your piano on the back cover!" Needless to say, I had him buy me the book. What an honor and a thrill to be included on the back cover of this book ... I just wanted to share my excitement with you :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Musical Alchemy Featured in a Japanese Book!

Occasionally I search Google for my own name, or for the name of my stores, to see what, if anything, is being written about me and my products. Whether this is personal vanity, paranoia, or a genuine desire to get feedback on my products, I will let you decide. :)

I am always delighted when I find my creations mentioned, blogged, reviewed, photographed or podcasted. But I am always surprised to find myself on non-English pages. I really shouldn't be: at least one third of the people that visit my store do not speak English yet I have done a very poor job making my products accessible to those that speak other languages.

For example, on this page, Hanepin - to the best of my ability to translate the page, seems to have lost her piano due to a server glitch, and because she does not speak English, she never contacted me. She seems to be very sad that she has lost her piano. I will send her a new piano tonight.

A couple of months ago, I walked into my store and found two people speaking Japanese. One of them was able to speak English and she explained that she had found my piano because it is featured in a book, in Japan, about Second Life. Knowing that I would not be able to find this book here in the United States, she was kind enough to scan the page featuring my piano and sent it to me, in-world.

I had never imagined that my name, or one of my products might appear in any book, and least of all a book in Japan. This was a big thrill for me. In fact, I think I have a yen to order this book :)